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Providing Operational & Management Services to Social Landlords throughout Scotland



With a wealth of knowledge and over 30 years experience, Founder of Swanson Asset Management, Graeme brings expertise gained through a career providing asset management and building surveying services to numerous customer-focused social housing providers. He also has significant Claims Management experience for domestic and commercial building subsidence claims, including High Net Worth Claims. 



Abbeyfield Scotland benefited hugely from the expertise and commitment by Graeme Swanson.  During a turbulent time of change management, Graeme was able to come in and hit the ground running, bringing not only his excellent skills in asset management, but also his keenness and knowledge of our organisation.  He excelled in his abilities to work under pressure, with little supervision, and his skills meant he was able to wholly satisfy Abbeyfield’s needs, help maintain compliance, contribute to the development of stock and help to achieve satisfactory outcomes for our residents. His work ethic is one of helpfulness, support, excellence, dedication and commitment.

Karen Barr, Chief Executive

Abbeyfield Scotland Ltd

Viewpoint Housing Association were fortunate to secure the services of Graeme Swanson from January 2020 to April 2021.


Having worked at Viewpoint some years earlier, Graeme was largely familiar with our stock profile and systems yet it didn’t take Graeme long to bring himself up to speed with the many process changes implemented during his time away.


Graeme was engaged to assist the organisation with stock condition data, his combined knowledge of the stock, surveying abilities, diligence and accuracy made Graeme the perfect choice and we were not disappointed with the quality of information being provided to us.


During February 2020, we had awarded our main repairs and voids contract to a new contractor for a 1 April start. This gave us a very tight mobilisation period and we asked Graeme to lead on this. Graeme’s eye for detail, communication and contractor management skills ensured that the new contractor was in place on time with a smooth transition - as smooth as could be at the start of the Covid pandemic! 


As services started to ‘unlock’ during the summer Graeme provided valuable support in addressing our void properties backlog. Graeme was able to prioritise these with colleagues in Housing Management, undertake pre-inspections, issue works to our new contractor and manage this through to completion for re-letting. Graeme was pivotal in managing the void works, his time management, organisational skills and cross-department liaison skills were key to making the project successful and feedback from across the organisation was positive.

Simon Haile

Head of Assets

Viewpoint Housing Association

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